project details

Skylive is a fictitious app with a “GoPro-esque” component that allows viewers to see their friends and families skydive in real-time.

Currently, there is no such technology for skydiving that exists. If someone wants to record their skydive experience through photos or videos, they must pay their instructor to do so. In order to wear devices such as a GoPro, a person must obtain their Class C License which requires a minimum of over 200 jumps.

Skylive sets itself apart by allowing the user to record their own jumps while sharing their live experience with others. Viewers are able to immediately see the jumper’s experience through their eyes and know when their parachute has launched, how fast they are freefalling, and when they have safely landed on the ground.

There are three user experiences that Skylive offers: Participant, Viewer, and Participant Jump. The Participant and Viewer experiences utilize the mobile app version while the Participant Jump experience is utilized through the fictitious Apple Watch Series 10 Plus that offers GPS technology and a built-in camera, making the advanced features of Skylive possible.

date of completion: November 2016
skills: Digital, Graduate Coursework
the design process
skylive moodboard


After someone goes skydiving, they generally feel an exhilarating rush of energy where the sky seems bluer and their whole outlook on life changes. Skydiving is also a high-risk, extreme sport that is not for the faint of heart.

The colors, shapes, typography and textures on this moodboard reflect those feelings of energy and exhilaration. The color palettes are bold and bright with energy with blues and oranges and yellows. The shapes and type have lots of edges and lines throughout them to reflect movement and energy. There are also some grunge textures and effects to reflect how extreme of a sport skydiving is.

skylive sitemap + wireframes + mockups

sitemap + wireframes

Throughout the design process, a sitemap and wireframes are created. Sitemaps are important to show each of the pages created and how they are connected to one another. This process was especially important for this project as there were Participant, Viewer and Participant Jump experiences that all required a way to connect together.

Wireframes were then created for the mobile App version as well as the Apple watch version as a way to layout the “bare bones” framework.