zenfit silver website

project details

ZenFit Silver is a fictitious company that offers a holistic approach to senior fitness, allowing seniors to work out both their minds and bodies. They offer simple at-home exercises such as chair exercises and exercises to help flexibility and balancing. They also offer strengthening, yoga/tai chi and water fitness activities that allow seniors to go at their own pace while still engaging fully in their workouts.

The approach for this project was to focus on designing for the target audience, seniors. Studies have shown that seniors prefer the color blue, which was incorporated into the design. Simple and easy-to-read typefaces were also factored into consideration.

date of completion: October 2016
skills: Web Design, Graduate Coursework

the design process

personas + moodboard

In the initial phases of the project, personas and a moodboard were created to help identify the target audience and overall look and feel of the project. The moodboard displays a holistic approach in mind, body, and spirit. Blue and green color preferences were added as well as simple and easy-to-read typefaces.

sitemap + wireframes

A sitemap was created to layout all of the pages and how they connected together.

Wireframes for desktop, tablet and mobile versions were developed as a way to layout the “bare bones” framework of the web pages. Certain elements on pages were highlighted to call out specific unique or key features of each page.